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  • Shipping Policy - Addendum 4.16

    Policy Change

    Shipping Policy Change for 

    YaDiGGiT Posters™ LLC



    Addendum 4.16


    YaDiGGiT Posters Shipping Policy Change

    Current Shipping Policy:

    including all products purchased through, current policy states that  products ordered on our company's website send tracking and transit transit information within 2 business days of completed  purchase.

    Reason for Policy Change:

    We simply had a huge surge in business and want to allow a little leg room for things like weather, sales events with enormoud orders to package, and simply factors outside out of our control.

    New Shipping Policy:

    We will ship all orders within 5-7 business days.  U.S. Orders include free priority mail USPS shipping and Intl orders are priced by weight, and also will be shipped within 5-7 business days.

    Pre-Order and ISO policies still apply as usual.  Once received from a gallery or vendor or aftermarket source, item ships within 5-7 days


     Thanks for understanding and your patience and even though posters may ship a few days later than usual it only means a bigger inventory and lower prices for our Collecting Community.


    Neal Grieco

    Founder and CEO 

    YaDiGGiT Posters


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