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  • Is Street Graffiti Art taking over the Art Industry?

    Graffiti Street Artists are f recognized for their work in the Art Industry

    Real1 Lotus Supreme by Shepard Faireytree by ice and sot


    It's about time Graffiti Artists got some serious recognition and made some serious cash for their causes and efforts to keep street art alive and thriving.

    New reports from Hicox, a 2 billion dollar holder of Art paintings, prints, and other mediums, have recognized the demand for Street Graffiti Art and has seen an increase in demand incrementally during the last 3 years.  Art collectors can not get enough of Graffiti Art.  Even a small company like ours has seen the rise in demand for Graffiti art with our Graffiti Art sales leading our 4 categories.  We have many new pieces to showcase for our customers and can't wait to get them on your walls in your homes.

    -Neal Grieco


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