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    Artists such as Brian Viveros, Handiedan, Dan Quintana, ABCNT, GATS, and Craig Drake are probably not too unfamiliar to most collectors.

    However, the impact that they have made on the Art Industry in 2015 is something to be discussed.  

    Brian Viveros tops our list as most improved artist in terms of his artwork, exhibits, collector demand and his unique way about selling his pieces.  Nearly all of Brian Viveros Art Exhibits in 2015 have used a large portion of its proceeds to help a variety of .orgs, non-profits, and artists seeking to be in a bigger spotlight.  His selflessness is truly admirable.

    Handiedan, a female artist from Amersterdam has caught the attention of print collectors and also high end OG collectors and has showcased her work in over 15 different countries this past year.  She is known for her large scale murals in Holland, many European Countries and finally the US.  Her limited edition print releases typically sell out in hours and the market value soars instantly.  Her originals are comprised of three dimensional layered pieces with many small cutouts, piecess of currency, images of women, and her prints are printed with the highest grade archival inks and are truly stunning.  

    These two artists top our list of 2015's greatest artist progressions and applause their hard work, talent and generosity with their contributions to the Art World.


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