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  • Secret to acquiring Shepard Fairey's Holiday Prints

    How does one acquire an official Shepard Fairey Holiday Print?

    Every year Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant designs Holiday Prints which usually range from an edition of 400 to 750.  They are only given to family, friends, and business affiliates of Fairey.

    But what about the Shepard Fairey collector or huge Obey Giant fan who doesn't know the artist personally?
    If you are still reading this you probably are one of those people.  I was myself and wrote to him requesting to even purchase one.  However, on his website there is a section for Frequently Asked Questions.  In the Sticker Section he addresses the question of How can I get free stickers? The answer on the site - pretty much says to send a self addressed stamped envelope to: 

    Obey Giant Art
    Attn: Obey Propaganda Bureau
    PO BOX 26897
    LA, CA 90026

    Inside that envelope to us we need you to include:

    A self addressed and stamped envelope that has your name and address clearly legible (Make sure the return envelope has enough us postage to travel from our office to your home)
    A $1.00 US Bill.
    Thats all the info on the sight.  At one point he had said for bonus points include a $2 dollar bill, and any positive comments, artwork, inspiration.

    Being the Obey fanatic that I am, I started working on making a large package for his entire team.  I sent them 5 - $2 Notes, some personal artwork of mine from college, a letter of Inspiration and a few other small items that I just thought were unique and cool.

    About 2 months later a tube arrived at my home from Obey Giant  and it included the 2013 Holiday Mandala Screen Print, plus a bunch of rare stickers and that was it. No invoice, no note - just a random act of kindness from Shepard.

    Obviously there are only a limited number of holiday prints but he does save around 100+ prints to send out during the year to everyday people or organizations teaming up with him, or for people like us.

    Unfortunately I can not guarantee this will work for you, however now I receive a Holiday Print almost every year.  

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