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  • Saving Banksy Now in Theatres Nationwide

    Greatly anticipated, exquisitely created, 80 minute film titled "Saving Banksy" is finally here.

    $aving Banksy Trailer 80 minute film

    For most of the Art collecting world, even the high end collectors, the wait is finally over for the 80 minute film titled "Saving Banksy".

    Graffiti Art fans around the world are stoked to finally see this film on the big screen.

    Where to watch the film

    Out now in theaters nationwide, Saving Banksy has stirred a lot of questions about the use of graffiti and public art. Who does the art belong to once it’s done? Is it art or is it vandalism? After 2 years of hard work, the 80-minute documentary put together by none other than 1xRUN Contributing Photographer Colin Day aims to answer these questions is being released.

    Directed by Day, the film covers the fate of Banksy’s Haight Street Rat, painted in 2010 on a building in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. The documentary features interviews with 1xRUN alum Doze Green, Risk, Revok, and Anthony Lister, as well as legendary names like Ben Eine, Glenn Friedman and Blek Le Rat and many other big name graff artists.

    Banksy defines the true meaning of modern day street art.  By remaining anonymous and not being compensated through galleries for his street art he has become one of the most unique, humble and genius artists to ever have lived.

    All of us at YaDiGGiT Urban Art are all going to see the film on the big screen and are all completely stoked!

    If you are a Banksy fan or a fan of Graffiti Street Art, please share this post so as many people as possible can go see it on the big screen and shed some insight into those who know nothing of the infamous artist Banksy.

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