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  • Beginners Guide: Collecting Limited Edition Prints

    Collecting Art Prints 101: A Basic Guide for the New Collector


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    Limited Edition Art Prints for many different reasons:  a hobby, an investment, a passion for Art, and for some - an addiction, can be a wonderfully fulfilling collectible.  

    We put together a basic guide for the newbies to the collecting community to explain some of the basics.  We hope you enjoy and will share on social c cmedia with your friends who also have interest in collecting.

    Here's our guide to Collecting Art 101

    1. Understand that there is no such thing as "The Best Art". What makes art good will vary from person to person
    2. Make a plan. Random pictures from random artists are just that... Random. Think about what things attract you to a picture. What is/are the common theme of the pieces that you find appealing? Pastoral scenes? Abstract? Well defined facial features? The treatment of light and shadow?
    3. Do some research. Narrow down your search to general categories... and then catalog that category into it's sub groups. Doing so will focus your collecting efforts and give you some parameters by which to judge any potential addition to your collection.
    4. For example: Find the type of art you like, then make a list of artists who create that type of art. Separate the artists by time period, geographic area, etc.
    5. Educate yourself about the artists. Where did they live? What sorts of things influenced their art? Where did they create? RAll of this type of information helps you know where to look for more of their work.
    6. Visit venues where this type of art is likely to be displayed. Art Museums, Art Galleries, Art Fairs etc are good starting places.
    7. Understand that Price does not equal Value. You can purchase some very nice works quite cheaply... but you can also purchase some execrable works quite expensively. Do your research. 

    We we hope you enjoyed our very simple guide for the newer collectors and custoners of YaDiGGIT | Urban Art Gallery


    Neal Grieco

    Neal Grieco

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