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  • Spotlight Artist Hikari Shimoda: The Emotions of Art

    Hello World by Hikari Shimodo

    Hikari Shimoda is Japan's biggest little secret that has exploded in the U.S. Art Market

    Hikari Shimoda is a “child-like” painter from Nagano, Japan. An artist that portrays children at a surface that feels delicate, cute yet expressing a darker reality in children. She uses a blended style of lowbrow art mixed with the Japanese Street Graffiti Art.  Her artwork is much deeper than first revealed by the human eye.

    How emotions inspire her paintings

    Many of her works use English words such as "Happy" or "Sad" and Shimoda stated that "In today’s society, the meaning of words is taken so lightly to the point where I think we aren’t expressing our true feelings. English speaking people who are looking at my work may not understand the meaning of the Japanese words, and that creates some ambiguity, which I like, and vice versa for Japanese speakers."

    It's an interesting concept that rightfully should be encoded in art form.  Shimoda eloquently expresses just that - and when she doesn't use type in her paintings she carefully chooses the title as an alternative way of addressing the misuse of word depicting emotions.

     Happy by Hikari Shimoda

    In the Artists own words

    "In my pieces portraying heroes and the magical girl, they are living in a world after the human race has been destroyed, or a sort of vortex going into ruin. They are entering into the future of what will soon become the real world. In my new portrait series of children, they are living in a more stable world, some are even existing in my own mind. In addition, rather than being alive, I think of them as having more of a spiritual presence- they are not living in our world." - Hikari Shimoda

    Hello World welcomes society into the mind and thoughts of Hikari Shimoda.  Take a look at the art prints description for more information on acuiring it. 

    Thanks for learning about one of our favorite new artists!

    Neal Grieco


    YaDiGGiT | Urban Art Gallery

    Neal Grieco Founder of YaDiGGiT

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