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  • New Arrivals by Luke Chueh, Abcnt, Shepard Fairey and Handiedan

    "Burnt Out" by street artist, Luke Chueh is our most recent featured print in our "New Arrivals" collection.

    "Burnt Out" is the most recent print release by Urban Artist Luke Chueh of CA. Released by as a limited edition print in mid-June of 2016, by our affiliate Gallery, 1xRun. Burnt Out is another unique continuation of Chueh's very popular bear character, which often takes on humanistic qualities reflecting his current emotions or lifestyle.  

    Collectors and fans of Luke Chueh can purchase a copy of "Burnt Out" right here!

    Other new arrivals include "War on Drugs" by Abcnt, "Obey Giant Peace and Love 2014 Holiday Print" by Shepard Fairey, and many others that can be found in newly created collection titled "New Arrivals"


    Thanks for shopping at YaDiGGiT Posters!

    Neal Grieco

    CEO & Founder


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