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  • New products coming to YADIGGIT URBAN ART

    We are firm believers in engaging with our customers and asking for feedback.

    "We asked. Customers spoke. We listened

    Our findings:

    In a few different recent surveys on several social media platforms we found out what our customers wanted to purchase from our store. In summation, our customers want a more diverse selection of urban art products besides solely prints, posters and original artwork. 

    Below are the items they want and also the items that will shortly be available to purchase.

    • Collectible vinyl toys by Luke, Chueh, Ron English, Ron English and other lowbrow artists.
    • Official artist books and publications that are no longer available direct from the artist.
    • Past issues of collectible art magazines such as Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz

    We appreciate all of the feedback given to us by our loyal customers and the fans of our social media pages who have provided general input.

    During the past month we've begun planning to integrate the top 3 most wanted products into our store to keep our customers coming back, acquiring new customers, and to expand our business.  

    Lastly we decided to offer a sizable discount to all customers for the duration of the month of March.  We hope you enjoy the savings and take full advantage of the discount.  

    Please feel free to use

    Discount Code: PRINTS20 - 20% Off All Orders

    20% Off Discount Code


    Neal Grieco

    Founder/Owner of YADIGGIT URBAN ART

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