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  • Revolution Poster by Abcnt is back in stock

    We are so excited to have another copy of "Revolution Poster" available by L.A. based Graffiti Artist Abcnt 


    Revolution Poster by Abcnt

    Only 1 print is available for purchase currently.   Click the picture above for a direct link for purchase.

    About the Artist:

    Abcnt is a sociopolitical activist/anarchist, the product of mid-nineties expressionism and new-millennium activism, who describes himself as “[a] real west coast hip-hop fanatic, with a kind of militant attitude towards consciousness.” And how does he execute his expression and voice? Through avenues in politically charged graffiti street art and house/techno music.

    Abcnt has come a long way as many other artists have in the Art World.  He has now collaborated with over twenty different urban Artists on different projects and has exhibited in over 40 different galleries in 8 countries. 

    Owninb an Abcnt print is essential for any urban graffiti art collector.  Not only are his prints aesthetically amazing, they are a plus investment as the market value of all of his prints have risen and new releases sell out faster and faster.

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