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In the Beginning, The Present Day, and Our Future Vision

Our Inspiration

YaDiGGiT Urban Art Gallery was originally founded my myself in January of 2014.  As a long-time print collector, over time I had become irritated with myself and fellow collectors being taxed (for lack of a better word) by the "flippers" of the community.  Flippers - People that purchase limited edition prints with the sole intention of making a quick profit by reselling the print with a hefty markup in price.  I was determined to find a way to solve the problem for myself and others that were in the same situation.  Simply not being lucky enough to purchase a print before it quickly sold out, or not being informed of the print release time/day. Being blessed with connections to galleries and well known artists I decided to design a website that would help solve the problem.  Furthermore I also wanted to raise awareness to collectors and Artists,  that as a community, we could come together to prevent the problem as best we could.  In reality there is no way to prevent "flippers" from their capitalistic nature entirely, but if we all did our part, eventually the taxation would be very minimal.  Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant is very proactive in working with eBay in particular to prevent prints being resold immediately and furthermore banning the people purchasing prints from them in the future.  

Our Progress

Our collection of prints, posters and fine art, vast artist representation, and personal customer relationships has allowed our website to grow tremendously.  Our customers enjoy not having to overpay for prints they are looking to add to their collection, and we have shipped orders to over 15 different countries so far. Currently we are strictly an online art gallery, however, we will be opening a brick and mortar Urban Art Gallery in Hartford, CT.

Our Vision 

One of our main goals is to intertwine seasoned artists with up and coming artists into the same exhibit to help new artists get their name out in the art world.  We have also just begun featuring some exclusive print releases by an amazing named Graffiti Artist 'Real1' from the U.K. who now works out of his personal studio in Northern Ireland.  Our collection of Original Art pieces from pen/pencil drawings to large canvases has been growing very well.  Lastly, our ultimate mission is to open the brick and mortar Gallery in downtown Hartford, CT.

Without our loyal customers we could not have achieved the successes we have so far and appreciate each and every customer, fan, and friend of YaDiGGiT Urban Art Gallery.

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