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Art Pays! by Aelhra GID Fine Art Print on Watercolor Paper

Bottleneck Gallery

Art Pays by Aelhra Day/Night Comparison
  • Art Pays by Aelhra Day/Night Comparison
  • Art Pays! By Aelhra daytime picture
  • Art Pays! GID Night visual
  • $ 80.00

The design for 'Art Pays!' Illustrates an old-fashioned image, sarcastically illuminating the fact that for most Artists, the profession does not pay well.

The minimalistic figure image, in addition to a typewriter font and Glow in the Dark properties makes this print one of the most sought after of all the variants released by Aelhra for 'Art Pays!'

Product Details:

  • Size: 15x22"
  • Edition: 30
  • Medium: Hand Pulled, Glow in the Dark Watercolor Ink Print on Fine Art Paper
  • Markings: Signed and numbered (Front) Large signature and year (Back)
  • Exhibit: "When The Lights Go Out" at the Bottleneck Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Year: 2013

 Additional Information:

In true Aelhra fashion, she also signed the back of the print in large cursive writing as she has done with many other of her more popular prints.

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