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Fast Gun by Raid71 Fine Art Print 18x24"

Bottleneck Gallery

Fast Gun by Artist Raid 71 aka Chris Thornley 18x24
  • $ 30.00

Fast Gun by Raid71 was created for the solo exhibit titled "Illuminate" at Bottleneck Gallery in NY

Chris Thornley uses the alter-ego name Raid71 mostly when designing superhero and movie artwork, almost as if an actor would dress or act like the character they are playing when filming a movie.

Product Details: 

  • Size: 18x24"
  • Print Run: Limited Edition of 50
  • Medium: 6-Color Screen-Print
  • Release Year: 2015
  • Exhibited: Bottleneck Gallery

 Additional Information:

More of his artwork can be found on the Bottleneck gallery website as well as on his own personal site where he sells Artists Prints occasionally.  Residing in New York, the Bottleneck Gallery has become his premier exhibition location.  He also exhibits in Los Angeles at Gallery88 and the Hero Complex Gallery and sometimes will release single prints releases as commissions for larger group shows.  Chris Thornley's art a few years ago wasn't talked about or resold in the aftermarket nearly as much as it is today, proving that his following has increased in size and that the quality of his work is becoming more refined.


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