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Goodnight Mommy by Jay Shaw MONDO Movie Poster

MONDO Tees Gallery

Goodnight Mommy by Jay Shaw Horror Movie Poster
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Mondo Tees Gallery chose the perfect artist - Jay Shaw, to design a movie poster that replicates the horror of the film. 

Print Details

  • Size: 18x24"
  • Editon Size: 100
  • Markings: Numbered in pencil by the Artist
  • Medium: 4 color screen print on black fine art paper
  • Year: 2015
  • Gallery: Mondo Tees Art Gallery in Austin, TX


Austrian Horror Film 'Goodnight Mommy' released for its first U.S. showing by Drafthouse/Alamo Theatre 


Additional Information:

The horror movie concerns a mother who returns home to her twin sons after undergoing reconstructive facial surgery. The mother spends a good portion of the film under bandages with just her eyes and mouth exposed. Her sons begin to question her identity as the film slips into a psychological nightmare.

Everything about this movie works. It’s going to become a genre classic. The poster is meant to mix the terrifying image of the mother’s bandaged face with a hint of sadness indicated in her bloody tears. A theme especially pertinent once you’ve seen the film, which we definitely recommend you take the time to view.

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