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Goodnight Moon by Brandt Peters & Kathy Olivas Fine Art Print

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Lowbrow art print image of a young hannibal-like character carrying a skull torch
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'Goodnight Moon' is a collaboration by two well known lowbrow artists - Kathy Olivas and Brandt Peters

Kathy Olivas and Brandt Peters have been very influential in the Lowbrow Art Movement since its inception over 20 years ago with other artists such as Gary Basemen, Frank Kozik, and Travis Louie.  

Product Details

  • Size: 7.5x11.5"
  • Edition Size: 100
  • Medium: Epsom Archival Pigment Ink Print
  • Markings: Signed and Numbered by both artists 
  • Year:  2014

Additional Information: 

This is one of the first released collaboration Prints by the talented artist duo.  Together and Individually they continue to push the boundaries of LowBrow Art creating vinyl toys, mixed media artworks and even coloring books.

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