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Lego Selfie by Mike Klay 16x20" 3 ColorScreen Print

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Lego Selfie by Mike Klay 16x20
  • Lego Selfie by Mike Klay 16x20
  • Lego Selfie by Mike Klay 16x20
  • $ 60.00

This print was inspired by Mike Klay's fascination with his childhood LEGO toys and the pop-culture 'Selfie'

The unforgettable Lego-Man™  image depicts the timeless and unforgettable brand of LEGI

Mike Klay geniously inserted  the word KLAY instead of LEGO with the same typeface LEGO uses, as if the image were an advertisement, and ultimately made an image of a selfie of himself.

Product Details

  • Size:  16x20"

  • Edition: 100

  • Medium:  4 color Screen Print

  • Markings: Signed and Numbered by Mike Klay in pencil

  • Year: 2013

Additional Information:

Mike Klay titled the piece "Lego Selfie" as a mild dig at the popular term that society has since become infatuated with. Essentially the image is a "selfie" of the Lego Man and Klay also added the primary colors used in making the image as color blocks at the bottom of it, giving the piece an edgy yet sophisticated twist.

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