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Primus by Brian Ewing Original Ink Drawing on 3-ply Bristol Paper

Brian Ewing

'Primus' original ink drawing on 3-ply Bristol Paper - YaDiGGiT Posters - 1
  • 'Primus' original ink drawing on 3-ply Bristol Paper - YaDiGGiT Posters - 1
  • Close-up image of 'Primus' by Brian Ewing
  • Primus by Brian Ewing 8.5x11
  • Primus by Brian Ewing 8.5x11
  • Certificate of Authenticity by Brian Ewing
  • $ 800.00

    $ 1,000.00

Original ink drawing by artist Brian Ewing on fine art paper inspired by the band Primus

Brian Ewing is a well known gig poster and pop culture themed illustration screen print artist.  He was astounded when he was asked by Primus, one of his all-time favorite Rock Bands to create a Gig Poster for their 2015 Kalamazoo Tour.  In all he ended up creating the main print and three different variant editions.  This original ink drawing was the foundation for the amazing gig posters he created titled Primus Kalamazoo

Product Details:

  • Edition: Original Artwork
  • Size: 11x8.5"
  • Medium: Black Ink on 3-ply Bristol Paper
  • Markings: Signed and dated by Brian Ewing
  • Year: 2015

Includes an official Certificate of Authenticity provided by Brian Ewing which was created on a pearl fine art paper.

Additional Information:

Brian Ewing designed a regular edition with a purple tone as the primary gig poster. Along with the regular edition he released a fudge variant and two separate foil variants based on the original purple and fudge brown tones which are limited editions of only 10 prints each. 

The detail and precision of the primary 'skeletal layer' of the screen printing for the gig posters was derived from this original ink drawing. This amazing piece of original artwork by Ewing is unscathed, has no imperfections and has been stored flat in an acid-free Mylar sleeve well protected.

Shipping and Handling:

USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insured for the final selling price.  The ink drawing will remain in the acid-free mylar sleeve and will be protected by 3 layers of cardboard to protect the artwork.  For added security it will then be cushioned inside of a crush-proof cardboard box.  

Recipient signed delivery confirmation will also be added to the package to ensure it arrives to the buyer safely 

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