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The Cross by Javier Lainez 11x24" 2 Color Screen Print Movie Poster

Cult Collective

The Cross by Javier Lainez 11x24
  • The Cross by Javier Lainez 11x24
  • The Cross by Javier Lainez 11x24
  • The Cross by Javier Lainez 11x24
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"The Cross" by Javier Vera Lainez inspired by the Horror Cult Classic "The Exorcist" - now a screen printed Movie Poster.

Inspired by the Hollywood classic horror film "The Exorcist", "The Cross" is part of Javier Vera Lainez’s "Tools"series. The series explores the iconic murder weapons of films like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Shining", and now one of the long awaited movie to be printed by Lainez as a movie poster "The Exorcist."

Product Details:

  • Size: 11x24"
  • Print Run: Limited Edition of 55 
  • Medium: 2 Color Screen Print
  • Release Year: 2015
  • Manufactured by Lazarus Printing
Additional Information: 
Javier Vera is a fairly new artist of printing limited editions. This was only his 3rd release as part of the horror film "tools" series. He really became known about 4 months after this release by presenting a "Wolf of Wall Street" masterpiece movie poster which with little marketing sold out an edition of 55 with ease.
  We noticed his raw talent early on and were lucky acquire 6 posters of both "The Cross" and "Wolf of Wall Street" from Cult Collective Gallery in the Uk. If you like his work, take please take a look at our other print releases by him that we still have in stock before they are gone.  Enjoy "The Cross"!

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