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The Shining by Brian Ewing Variant Fine Art Print

Galerie F

The Shining by Brian Ewing 18x24
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Brian Ewing released this extremely rare variant edition through Galerie F

    Brian Ewing took the success of the regular and variant editions of "The Shining" movie poster screen print and released an extremely rare variant edition of only 9 copies.  Galerie F in Chicago, IL curated by Brian Merle hosted the amazing art exhibit titled "Scream on Me" back in 2015.

    Product Details:

    • Size:  18x24
    • Variant:  Metallic Skeletal Version 
    • Print Run:  Limited Edition of 9
    • Markings:  Signed and Numbered
    • Exhibit:  "Scream on Me" at Galerie F in Chicago,IL

    Additional Information

    When viewing the Screen Print at different angles it brings a whole new life to the artwork at each viewing because of the layered Metallic Inks used.  This piece is historically one of the rarest editions by Brian Ewing, ever!

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