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Third Date 2 by Aelhra 18x24" Variant Grayscale Edition Screen Print


Third Date 2 by Aelhra 18x24
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Third Date 2 by Aelhra (Variant Grayscale Edition) 

Aelhra has a distinctive pop-culture style in all artworks it seems.  Feeding off of current political events as well as pop-culture makes for a very diversified portfolio and a large fan following which in turn holds a strong market value of the short print run releases.

Product Details

  • Size: 18x24"
  • Print Run: Limited Edition of 50
  • Medium: 3 Color Screen Print
  • Release Year: 2014

Additional Details: 

Third Date 2 - the 2 part regular edition by Aelhra contains a set of Green and Purple colors as the main hue.  After a huge demand for them Aelhra pleased collectors by following up with the black and white variant edition with a smaller edition size.

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